Thanks for visiting my site! Take it for a spin, kick the tires, whatever ya like. Swing on over to the videos section to see some of my best work. Well, the stuff that I actually have footage of, anyway. If you want to get a hold of me or my agent click on the Contact link up above. If you want to know more about me keep reading.

I started acting in high school when a kind teacher saw a directionless smart ass and decided to take action. The first thing I ever did on stage was a monologue called The Urban Hunter. I got my first laughs and I’ve been hooked on performing ever since. I went through iO and was one of the most okayest improvisers that institution has EVER seen. Since then, I have done shows at Second City, Stage 773, and The Cornservatory, among many others.

In front of the camera, you can see me in sketches with The Onion and What I’m most excited about these days is the work I’m doing with The Lincoln Minute. We are dedicated to bringing diversity to everything we do and we are super funny! Check us out on Facebook and Insta. I started working with them doing a sketch show called Fractured Fairy Tales, which ran at Second City. We got invited to perform at Chicago SketchFest 2019 and we have been working together ever since.

Thanks again for the visit. Take care.